Alex J. Kellenyi, Architect
The father of Bernard, practiced architecture in the Red Bank area from 1930 through 1947.



Bernard Kellenyi, Architect
Established his office in Red Bank to continue the Kellenyi tradition. As the years progressed, the individual practice of Bernard Kellenyi, Architect was expanded and a talented staff was developed. Soon the office was designing substantial and responsible projects throughout the state.



Kellenyi Associates, Architect
A Professional Association of Architects was formed and incorporated under the laws of New Jersey as a professional service corporation.
Floyd R. Scott, Jr. Associated with Bernard Kellenyi as a charter member of the new firm which continued the former practice. Through the following years additional architects with complementary talents and expertise were recognized and admitted as associates.



Kellenyi Johnson Wagner
Kellenyi Associates reorganizes after the passing of Mr. Scott and announces the new firm name in recognition of the principal architects and architectural associates.



Kellenyi Johnson Wagner
Now includes five licensed architects as principals and associates. The present firm offers resources of experienced professionals in responsible charge of a significant organization with design, technical and support staff. The firm is prepared to render comprehensive architectural design services for substantial projects.
Over the past half century the firm has provided opportunities and training for dozens of new architectural graduates as well as high school and college students.