High Tech High School, Lincroft, NJ

a cafeteria with snack bar for food service, an auditorium seating up to 250 occupants and general assembly hall. This room is equipped with a motor operated projection screen and high-resolution video projector unit capable of computer image projection that is linked to the school’s communication system.
The “Hi-Tech” curriculum is supported by a multi-media computer lab equipped for interactive distance learning with other classes within the school, inter-campus, district-wide, and worldwide via fiber optic connections and satellite down links. A tech lab, located on the lower floor, provides a workshop environment for the integration of computers and machine equipment such as robotics and 3D therma- foam modelers. The high school is also fully networked with the college and can access all campus databases and teleconferencing facilities.
The entire school is equipped with a central Integrated School Management System. This unit takes the place of the traditional clock/intercom system and provides video and computer access to all rooms via television monitor data ports. Monitors are used to broadcast the typical time and date as well as message displays and programs from central VCR and laser disc units, and a mobile video camera. The installation of this ultra hi-tech system known as “Integra” is the first of its kind on the East Coast.
Through its combination of contextual planning, design and 


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